Thursday, September 10, 2015

My cholesterol is a bit high

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I always thought I was safe from this one because my mom's cholesterol was never high despite eating a lot of butter, cream and rich foods. I guess I get this from my father then.

That's OK. I think this was the push I needed to be more serious about improving my diet and running more. I have really slacked off in the running department this year and I'm not happy about that! Ray and I have been walking about 2 km every night, but it has to be every night and I need to run regularly.

I ran again today and it felt great. It was very hot out, but I pushed myself to run a bit further and managed 2.5 km. We went to a local park to give Percy (our dog) a chance to run a bit and it was the perfect opportunity for me to get a run in. Ray walked a lot in the park. Percy and I ran. I think I ran more than Percy. It's our fault that he isn't running as much as he should.

The grass is much harder to run in for me so I ran more around the basketball court -- love my shoes. My feet feel so good in them and they really absorb the shock. When I started running, I started feeling it in my knees and realized that if I was going to continue this, I'd better get proper shoes.

I went to the Running Room and had them examine my feet and walking. My feet do not pronate so my choice was quite wide. I asked their opinion on what would be best for me. They pointed out three different pairs and said it really was up to me to choose by look at that point. I chose my Brooks Glycerin 12 running shoes because I loved the colours -- they had confirmed everything else was equal.

They are sooooo comfortable! The minute I started running with them, the feeling in my knees disappeared.

So, today's run was short when compared to my runs last summer -- I was running 5 km every second day -- but at least I'm running.

It still amazes me that I can run. I really enjoy running. As long as I have my running playlist and my shoes, I'm good. It feels so good to come back and stretch. Then it feels amazing after I shower. I also sleep way better when I run. I don't have problems with sleeping, but when I run regularly, my sleep is really deep and I wake up completely rested.

By the way, for me, stretching after I run is extremely important. I skipped the stretching part once and really regretted it. I don't remember if it was because I was rushing or lazy, but I will never skip stretching again. My muscles were really painful because of that. In doing some research on this, I find that there are varying opinions on the need to stretch after running, but I don't want to go through that pain again. Besides, it's a great way to cool down and end the workout.

The other part of this is that I need to eat healthier. We actually do eat very healthy food, but we need to do better in this department. We need to lay off the junk food and stop snacking!!!

Here is what we had for supper last night. It was so delicious and very healthy. I chopped up onions, red pepper and broccoli, fried them in a bit of vegetable oil and then mixed in with the white Quinoa. I roasted chicken in the oven to go with it. Super simple, super fast and super healthy.


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